Uncover the Magical World Beneath Tenerife’s Waters

In my opinion, there is nowhere more magical and intriguing than the world beneath the ocean’s surface. The thrill of descending into the depths and uncovering the bizarre and colourful marine life, haunting shipwrecks, amazing geological formations and the stretches of nothingness is unlike any other experience.

If you too have this affinity with the world under the surface, then I highly recommend our diving holidays in Tenerife. The Canary Islands are an excellent place for diving, but I think Tenerife takes the crown as the greatest spot for it.

Tenerife is the largest Canary Island and one that boasts the imposing Mount Teide which is the highest peak in Spain, but it is also surrounded by astonishing ancient geological formations beneath the ocean.

Geological Diving

Yellow Mountain – This is one of my favourites because you can simply walk into it from the beach on the south coast. It is suitable for a mid-range dive and you will encounter all kinds of rare and enchanting sea creatures as you make your way through the strange lava rocks and caves.

La Catedral – This is a dive site that my previous clients have loved and it is somewhere that is suitable for all abilities. Here you will uncover a range of impressive arches, vaults and caves, included a breathtaking interior cave that features a gigantic 20-metre high vaulted roof. This dive site is also conveniently just a quick boat trip from Santa Cruz.

Wildlife Diving

For me, seeing the weird and wonderful creatures under the surface is what makes diving such a fascinating experience. The Canaries has a reputation for great visibility underwater, allowing you to see all kinds of amazing marine life up to around 30m away.